Other Artists

Bic & Simone Graham (UK)

Lindy Hop dancers, Bic and Simone Brown met on a crowded dance floor and soon found a common passion for the dance that first brought them together. Their love for the dance has taken them to many places such as New York, China, Sweden, Barcelona and Bali to experience the various local scenes and the best teachers around the world. 2012 saw a succession of first place positions in competitions all over the UK and 1st and 2nd place at major French camps.

Bic and Simone run weekly classes on the South Coast as well as many events in the UK and abroad. They have been invited to teach at various camps and workshops around the UK, and at this year’s festival will run a Lindy Hop Workshop at the Chivrick Room at the Exchange on Saturday afternoon. Bic and Simone love sharing their passion for the dance and hope to encourage you to come along and join them.