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Big John Carter (UK)

Since attending his first UK Boogie Woogie festival, Big John has travelled more widely in Europe and always enjoys the opportunity to play boogie woogie with like-minded players. Always down to earth, Big John is very knowledgeable about the music he loves to listen to and perform. Big John will be asking his fellow pianists to play a new improvisation at his ‘Flavours of Boogie Woogie’ presentation, as well as featuring some gems from his own record collection.  

Big John hails from London and has been part of the city’s music scene for over 40 years. He has also been playing for ‘Tales From The Woods’ for at least 10 years and he is currently a member of the 7-piece Chris Corcoran Band, whose cd was voted best instrumental album of the year 2017. 

Don’t miss Big John Carter and friends in the “Flavours of Boogie Woogie presentation at the Stour Hall at 11.30 on Saturday morning.

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