Other Artists

Caroline Podetti (FR)

Caroline Podetti has performed at the UK Boogie Woogie Festival over many years and is a firm favourite with audiences due to her infectious enthusiasm for dance in its many different forms. Whether it be tap dance, blues, Lindy Hop, jazz dance or modern jazz, Caroline’s energy and expertise has made her a popular figure in shows and festivals throughout Europe.

Caroline graduated with a State Diploma of Dance in France and teaches classes in many forms of dance. Along with her dance partner, Jelly Germain, Caroline is a choreographer and co-director of Compagnie Showtime Dance 20’s, celebrating the music, dance and style of the roaring twenties.

Caroline once again joins Jelly at this year’s festival. Their fantastic Boogie Woogie dance style, energetic moves and sheer enthusiasm must surely make you want to get up and have a go!