Other Artists

Caroline Podetti (FR)

Caroline Podetti has performed at the UK Boogie Woogie Festival over many years and is a firm favourite with audiences, largely due to her smile and infectious enthusiasm! Caroline’s energy and expertise has made her a popular figure in shows and festivals throughout Europe.

Having danced since her childhood, Caroline graduated with a State Diploma of Dance in France and now teaches as many as 250 students in classes in Paris. She first danced in jazz ballet with Bruno Agati in “Around the World” before joining Jelly Germain’s company for the music festival in Laroquebrou. In 2017, she obtained the first role in a French cabaret “La Nouvelle Eve” in a musical tribute to a famous French female singer Dalida.

Caroline once again joins Jelly at this year’s festival. Their fantastic Boogie Woogie dance style, energetic moves and sheer enthusiasm must surely make you want to get up and have a go! Why not attend one of their Dance Workshops at the Chivrick Room at the Exchange or just sit back and enjoy the dancing at the Friday and Saturday night concerts?