Other Artists

Julian Phillips (UK)

In 2005, Julian Phillips had a notion to create a festival of Boogie Woogie music in the small Dorset town of Fontmell Magna. He and other founder members brought together pianists from the UK and Europe and so the UK Boogie Woogie Festival was born.

Julian began playing at the age of ten but he was 14 before he became aware of boogie woogie. Julian began to teach himself how to play, listening to and interpreting the music of Jimmy Yancey, Montana Taylor, Leroy Carr, “Cripple” Clarence Lofton and Clarence “Pinetop” Smith. A feature of the festival is Julian playing his accordion, an instrument that blends seamlessly with the swing and rhythm of the music.

In addition to the annual festival in July, Julian, together with other members of the UK Boogie Woogie Club, present a monthly Club Night, showcasing local musical talent, both young and old! Club nights are held on the first Monday each month – why not come along?

His love and knowledge of the music is infectious and whether playing solo or performing with other musicians, his enjoyment of the music shines through. Julian has played in concerts and festivals in Europe and America and is highly esteemed by his fellow players. As a teacher, Julian has inspired many young people to follow his example and many of them will be playing during the festival, a tribute to his talent, enthusiasm and love of boogie woogie.