Other Artists

Matt Little  (UK)

We are very pleased to welcome Matt Little for his first guest appearance at the UK Boogie Woogie Festival. Matt was born in South London and had piano lessons from the age of six although he had already begun to pick out tunes by ear on the family piano prior to that. His father had an early Columbia valve record player, and a 78rpm recording of Meade Lux Lewis playing ‘Honky Tonk Train Blues’ sold him on learning Boogie Woogie by slowing the speed down with a yellow duster! A recording of Jerry Lee Lewis ‘High School Confidential’ was next to get the same treatment.

Matt went on to play in semi-professional bands from his early teens, and eventually worked as a session and touring pianist for Chrysalis and EMI records in the mid - 1980s. Matt currently plays for former record producer Mike Vernon & the Mighty Combo performing vintage R & B material, along with his own bands and recording projects. Matt also plays solo gigs in the wine bar and restaurant circuit as well as jazz and blues clubs, mixing traditional material with retro adaptations of rhythm and blues songs. You can watch Matt perform 2 sets at the Swan Inn on Saturday.