Other Artists

Nirek Mokar (FR)

When listening to the music of Nirek Mokar, it’s hard to believe he is a youngster of only 14 years old! Nicknamed the Boogie Woogie Kid, Nirek has been influenced by the original pioneers of the music, together with the watchful eyes and hands of boogie woogie stars such as Jean Pierre Bertrand and Jean-Baptiste Franc. He has an incredible ear and an intuition for tempo, fine-tuned by his constant desire to learn more and more and become better and better.

Nirek has “rubbed shoulders” with the likes of pianists such as Axel Zwingenberger, Frank Muschalle, BigJohn Carter and Ricky Nye. He has played in the Boogie Woogie Speakeasy in Paris – a venue unique to the music and featuring no less than 6 pianos! His passion and enthusiasm is infectious and his influences many and varied. Nirek used Youtube to improve his technique and it’s likely that others in turn will now be influenced by him!

Nirek will be appearing in 'Sweet Pea' cafe sessions on Saturday.