Other Artists

Patrick Smet (Belgium)

Patrick Smet is a familiar face in the European boogie woogie scene and an honorary member of the UK Boogie Woogie Festival “family”, having attended since its beginning in 2005.
His first influence was the blues of Big Bill Broonzy and he was also particularly impressed with the 1962 American Folk Blues Festival, featuring Memphis Slim and T-Bone Walker. It was later that Patrick developed his love of listening to and then performing boogie woogie.

Patrick retired from his full-time teaching career in 2008, providing the opportunity to develop his style by attending concerts and festivals and also hosting fellow players in his home. He has not only developed his style of playing but also his performance. He can be energetic, sombre, humorous and he is also an excellent accompanist.

Patrick has played in festivals in his native Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, our own UK festival, Laroquebrou in France as well as further afield in America. You can see Patrick perform a set at Comin’s Tea House on Friday morning and also with some of his friends at Sturminster Mill on Saturday morning.